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Enabling business and people proficiency, and transformation to industry leadership

3nayan's consultants bring their wealth of experience and expertise to not only bring in business and people proficiency, but also prepare them for future market conditions. This is achieved through Strategy Energisation, Consulting, Training and often executing special projects to implement the Strategy and enable Transformation. We consider our services in Business and Strategy Advisory, Transformation Services, Analytics, IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, Organizational Change Management as horizontal offerings applicable to various domains.

  • transformational services

    Transformations often go awry because of difference of opinion among leadership, or because of inability to scale beyond POCs.


    Our framework, GRO4WIN, for Business or Digital transformation engagements, assesses potential gaps in strategic alignment, organizational processes and design thus leading to a business case. The program addresses these gaps using one of the framework enablerse.g.:

    • Capability Building - Right skills in the impacted functional areas; in many cases, new skillsets may be required.
    • Process Orchestration - Defining and Implementing processes integrating the business functions.
    • Organizational Change Management - A parallel, equally important and supporting effort. Organizations behave differently and thus needs 3nayan to design specific and customised methods for designing and enabling the change. Often, we hand hold change evangelists through different people aspects including data usage, organizational empowerment, behaviour change and training.

    and formulates mechanisms to provide measurable business outcomes e.g. 'Growth & Sustenance', 'Increased Customer Centricity', 'Business Agility'. Our experience and predictable implementation strengthened by the holistic framework dramatically increases the positive business impact and raises the likelihood of success of these endevaours.

  • Strategy

    "It is not enough to have a map. You also need to know where you are and where you need to get to."

    What is the business philosophy that your organization is driving with ?

    Are you in the right market and segment ? Are you playing the right game ?


    Defining the strategy and keeping the organization aligned are crucial tasks for Executive Leadership, regardless of the size of the organization they lead. A formulated strategy must address real business outcomes including 'Growth & Sustenance', 'Customer Centricity', 'Future Readiness', Business Agility', etc.

    To 3nayan, helping your organization be your desired trajectory is more about adding real business value and readying the organization for future. This often needs significant change in an organization's way of working and needs either a new strategy or re-energization of the current one.

    Our strategy advisory helps create practically implementable strategy models driven by desired enterprise outcomes. Our work often involves creation of a new strategy for a part of the organization (e.g. IT Strategy) or for the overall enterprise (e.g. Digital Transformation Strategy).Having worked in large enterprises in leadership roles, and having run businesses, we understand the potential pitfalls and we understand that strategy must be created keeping the organization's culture and business environment in mind, and not in isolation.

  • Organizational Effectiveness
    Organizational effectiveness is important not only for extracting efficiencies for the present, but also smoothening jagged edges to ensure future oriented investments bring in the expected return. Often, bringing efficiencies may need organization redesign, re-orienting investment, filling process and technology gaps, application rationalisation etc. These type of projects, our experience shows, need a different set of enablers, e.g.:
    • Process Re-Engineering and Optimization - Finding bottlenecks and inefficiencies, Cleaning up inefficient processes, enabling process automation.
    • Output Predictability - Setting up data points to measure progress and tracking
    • Enabling Structures - Setting up appropriate micro organizations, structures to ensure the process changes and training
    • Change Management - Ensuring your organization is ready for the transformation, and embraces it.
    3nayan uses its proprietary MIDAS model for bringing about Organizational Effectiveness. Accelerators and boosters make these engagements more effective through Audit Readiness, Process Transparency, Process Waste Removal, Micro Organization Design, Automation Design etc.
  • Growth Enablement

    As markets continue to be volatile, leaders look for stability while still aimiing for growth; in some cases at recalibrated rates. These environments make orienting and managing investments more challenging.The society at large looks favourably at organizations which not only create share value but also connect with the society they work within, and strive for its betterment. 3nayan helps organizations come out of eroding revenue bases, by redeploying current assets or get on a sustained growth path by strategy re-energization. These, often research based strategy oriented engagements use appropriate enablers, e.g.:

    • Creating a Data Culture - to Maximize Performance And Manage Through Uncertainty
    • Embracing Enterprise Analytics - to gain Competitive Advantage and using it to provide actionable decision support
    • Re-prioritising Employee Engagement - to enable floor level empowerment among staff, and often among other partners
    • Customer Centricity - by re-orienting core thinking from being product or service based to being centred around people
    Our experience shows enagements in growth enablement often, as expected, getting intertwined with needs in Strategy and Transformation areas.


problems faced by SME companies Do the elements in the problem soup digram look familiar? They would, because that is what you deal with often, if not everyday. Today’s market scenario is challenging to say the least and even more so for a Small or Medium sized organization. Many indications from the industry, including:
  • Intense and fierce competition, including global competition
  • Entry barriers for new geographies and verticals
  • Forced raising of compensation levels while skill acquisition and retention continues to be a challenge
  • Continuous up-skill and re-skill requirement
  • Need for immediate ‘deployability’ and productivity
  • Capability not translating to outcome based delivery
continue to push the leadership and management hard. While these imposed challenges exist usual business problems do exist as well. None of these have easy solutions, and none of these symptoms should be tacked in isolation.

3nayan considers these symptoms in the business and cultural context of an organiation to be able to address desired business and / or people based outcomes. Our approach to a problem is designed to be different to help you gain medium or long term benfits.

The GRO4Win Model

Our holistic business approach is named the GRO4Win model and encompasses the four core and fundamental elements of business. These four elements form the basis for any business and, to our belief, should remain synchronized with each other and with the strategy that you have for your organization.:
  • The customer value proposition: This covers your understanding of your target customer base, and what offering your organization provides
  • Resources: The resources at your disposal are your people, products, equipment, technology, brands, partnerships, alliance etc and we measure them by resource velocity
  • Processes: Not only the basic rules, data and metrics but also the support systems that you may be built or need.
  • Profit Factors: Finally the basic profit factors determine the validity and success of your business.
These fundamentals take us to a three layered approach broken between outcomes, the transformation and the areas of impact. As we work with business, we experience that our customers come to us with a specific symptomatic problem. Our framework enables us to look both upstream and downstream to understand the nature of the business problem and locate a possible misalignment with the business strategy.

3nayan approaches your business problems from an ‘Outcomes’ point-of-view rather than the ‘Outputs and Deliverables’ perspective. Strategic Outcomes are driven by the Vision, Mission and the Business Drivers of the organization. 3nayan’s Transformational approach will drive your organization towards your desired outcomes across your business functions. While Transactions can get the organization to meet tactical outputs, Transformation is key to achieving Outcomes. Enablers are the key ingredients in this journey. Boosters are high impact elements, which, when implemented take will help catalyze a transformation enabling the orbit shift.


The NAVIGATOR framework is designed from our experience to provide flexibility and covers not only outputs/deliverables, but also business outcomes.

Planning is a crucial part of any transformation, triggered by a Business Assessment which helps build the Business Case. Assumptions (and risks), if not identified/analyzed accurately, can take the initiative south. The Execution phase, which follows, has a major part of it working towards Outputs/Deliverables, and, a significant focus on achieving the Strategic Business Outcomes as well. One of the high influencers during the Execution is also the Organizational Culture which will have an impact on all Change Management activities.

3nayan’s NAVIGATOR framework helps achieve business OUTCOMES, by helping modify BEHAVIOR, altering ACTION and by instituting periodic MEASUREMENT.

Why 3nayan

Growth oriented organizations often have several concurrent and ongoing initiatives across culture, quality, risk management, engineering and project management and more. It is critical for all organizational initiatives to work in unison and aligned with the core philosophy and organizational objectives, otherwise, the organization will be stretched in multiple different directions at the same time rendering the initiatives counter-productive.

3nayan's integrated approach coupled with diverse and extensive experience of our consultants ensures that your organizational initiatives are always in harmony with your business environment and make positive contribution towards sustenance and growth. We bring deep industry analysis and cross-functional insights for you to make continuous adjustments and improvements in your growth journey, we catalyse your growth.

3nayan ( - the third eye is a concept referring to an invisible eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. The third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment.

3nayan was founded to help not so large organizations to grow and be successful. Our philosophy is to bring to you, our top tier consulting heritage, and experience coupled with implementation expertise within your reach.


    Founder, Partner

    Popularly known as Gocha, he is an industry veteran specializing in service delivery and people matters. He has led large delivery teams at Accenture (as a Partner), Siemens, Planetasia, Oracle, & Tata Unisys. He has led Outsourcing, Product Development & Implementation in Banking, Lending and Healthcare domains.

    Gocha specializes in Human Capital Management and Organizational Behaviour and has successfully established capability, career and performance management frameworks in multiple organizations.

    He also runs Leadership programs for Entry / Middle Project Mgmt levels as part Talent Transformation, which is his passion area.


    Founder, Partner

    Suhas, is our other founder partner. He brings about three decadesof global experience in strategy and transformation consulting, CXO advisory & IT services. He is a Digital and Automation specialist with deep experience in different Retail, Supply Chain and Life Sciences (payer, provider and trials) areas.

    He Cofounded and also successfully exited, a niche retail ecommerce venture. As a partner at Accenture, he led the Retail Industry practice across 16 Global Delivery Network locations. He has been associated with QuintilesIMS (now IQVia) where he helped build the largest Global Delivery Network in the Clinical Research industry.
    He is a Co-author of PMBOK, 3rd ed.; Speaker at various industry gatherings; and a Visiting faculty at academic institutions.

    He is a published pro-am photographer, traveler and an aspiring musician


    Ramesh is a Manufacturing expert who specializes in Business Operations, Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma, Toyota Production Systems, Change Management) and is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

    He has successfully set up large plants, led global service operations, transferred operations and Supply Chain of Medical devices from USA/Europe into India, Implemented Metrics and Analytics, led Optimization efforts. Ramesh, as a Master Black Belt, has led a Six Sigma deployment at IBM.

    An avid cyclist, and a mountain lover, he plans to cycle through each high altitude pass in the Himalayas. Currently, he is also working on a water generation prototype.



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